Monday, December 25, 2006

The Pushkar Trip!

I think it was awaited for long. The update for our trip to Pushkar. It was supposedly my first trip from GL along with my colleagues from the office. To make the matters more complicated, it was a trip with 11 foreigners and two Indians that is me and DJ. Everything started as per plan and we left in two cabs, one Qualis and another Scorpio. I along with Chie, Lynn, Vanessa, Lucie, John and Tatjana in Qualis, whereas DJ with Collin, Wagner, Annabel, Anne-Solene and Mai in Scorpio. It was around 22:45 hrs when we started from our office site on Friday, the 3rd of the month November.
All through the way, we had a journey full of talking, especially for me. As in the beginning, it was discussion with the Asia team and then it was chatting with the driver, just in order to prevent him from dozing off. Yeah, we had tea at various junctions on the way and also we did stop for smoking or taking a leak break. But eventually by 5:30 hrs on Saturday, the 4th, we had crossed Ajmer and we stopped on one of the plateau pass to have a glimpse of the sunrise.
We waited for half and hour and God! What a beautiful sight it was. With the orb of the day, we felt a new sense of energy flowing in us. Some of us like John and me went for some small time trekking, followed by Chie, Lucie and then Collin. We were about to start when we saw a big gang of monkeys coming down from some cave from the hill top. We moved without a delay.
On reaching Pushkar, we though took some time settling with luggage and accommodation, but we found a real nice place for food. It was just an economical restaurant with breakfast like pancakes and porridge on the menu. I think we had a full breakfast, which made me start dozing. After that everyone, except me, DJ and Annabel left for a camel ride. After saying them bye, all three of us went for some sand dune hunt. It was marvelous, the beauty of the place around, it seemed like we are onto the sets of some Western Hollywood movie and out of nowhere, Clint Eastwood will drop in saying hello with bang! bang!
It was a wild hunt as we found some strange looking fruits and vegetables among the shrubs. I feel sad for Anna as she was in floaters and had tough time walking in sand, though being a brave girl, she never complained. After wandering around that place for an hour or so, we were back to our small and dingy room, we had rented to keep luggage and spent some time plucking thorns from our trousers. As soon as I lay on bed, I slept. I think I had slept for a while and then suddenly we woke up and moved to see the market, the lake and the temple. The market, the lake, every place was crowded. Damn crowded! And while returning we were lucky, we bumped with the Camel Trip gang. They were escorted by some local guy from there, pretending to a guide and when I asked him to leave from there as I can take care of the team; he tried to get rough with me. Although, he realized soon, that we were one team, he went away. Later, we visited the lake again and some of us offered prayers in the lake too.
God! We were hungry and Tatjana was missing! We went on for her search and finally DJ found her. We all started returning and when we were back in the restaurant in half an hour, we were squeezed. We had almost all the Italian menu on the table, with some confusion of pasta, macroni and penni on the plate. But then, it was all fun. While the rest of the crew was cruising on the ship of the desert, they also found Mr. Marc Pickering, who had arrived after a long and gruesome bus journey. So, now the team of fourteen people decided to go to Gayatri Temple on the hill top. We walked hell lot, climbed like mountaineers and went to the Gayatri Temple. I could see the entire beautiful town from the hill top and it was one of the most beautiful sites I could imagine.
After climbing down, it was dusk and some of us again went for camel fair, while some left for watching circus or taking a ride on giant wheel. I went along with Anna, Mai and Anne-Solene for a giant wheel ride. That sent me nostalgic. I was on giant wheel after God knows, how many years and that gave me most cherishing memories of times. After that we started moving for our hotel and in the process, lost our way and then found it back. But the return walk ended on a bad note with DJ getting rough with some local lad, who was constantly passing comments on Anna, Mai and Anne-Solene. Anyways, we were back in the restaurant and after a long dinner on the table, we all started to pack up back. Everyone arrived and had their dinner. Later, we all waited for Marc till half past ten when he just called back to say he wont be coming and there, we were off for home!
All night drive again. All tired and exhausted after a wonderful and memorable trip.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Who's way is it anyway?

It is not expected from me. The long silence before publishing my next post. Yeah, am a busy person indeed, but nevertheless, am responsible too. So, it’s obvious that u might have been disappointed. Perhaps the things were not coming the right way…and it hasn’t yet….but I thought that I don’t have the right to keep people away from the present working scenario of an organization like the institute of ours…
It’s called transparency…for all those who have been working in any organization…this term is often used when the management wants to show that they have everything crystal clear in front of every one…every rule, every policy and every so called modus operandi. So, what we get? The usual delays in the process of implementing any idea? The so called paper work formality that makes us waits for the results?? I want to ask you one thing? How far the working or the operational strategy of our organization is differs from yours? Here, every bill that needs to be passed in terms of expenditures to me made anywhere has to go through 2 repeated levels of scrutiny. Indeed, I find it foolproof but do u think it’s wise enough to prevent those conmen from playing there games? The verification and the scrutiny procedure for any bill in this institution requires fair enough number of data proof to attached to it as a mark of rectification. But that just adds burden to the normal working of the surrounding, especially the students involved in it. The Dean of Student Affairs, the accounts section of the college, the audit cell, the Registrar, all are often indulged in finding out the loopholes in any progress made in the society or to the very procedure of it. But they seldom try to find out how they can make the working of the entire system as non-defective. Nor they ever bother to ask anyone. The re-imbursement policies of the institute and the complexities in making the advance payments for any work, leads to the lack of interest among the student to come forward for participation without any demand for any work of the institute. Students, because of this attitude of the institute, start asking for the certificates for their work, which seldom is required in one’s career. At the end, the liability always starts falling on the shoulders of final year students. The students of the first and second year keep on waiting for the time and opportunity to come and they realize it late that the certificates, which matter to them the most has actually least significance at the end.
Now, coming back to the management part, it has become the habit of management to undergo slow and delayed process for any response required from their side. They always blame the students for any irregularity, forgetting the fact that the students who work for organizing any event or managing any society in the society have to bear with the strict rules of 75% attendance. They indeed, have to take out time from their regular schedule for performing any extra-curricular activity. The habit of absenteeism during the working hour is prevalent deep in the institute like ours, which is supposedly a private one. The very act of non-believing students in the matters of accounts and money in the college often leads to dissatisfaction among working students and creates a gap between management and the students.
The requirement of the hour is to come out with some formal guidelines to be followed in every institute for it's rapid development in their academic as well as in non-academic fields.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


I don't feel like writing anymore in the blog these days.The escapist thinking has come deep in myself.I have started taking cheap execuses for large promises like the British.Is it the lack of interest or laziness?I can't figure out much but the sense of thrill and adventure involved in delaying the work and then get it done within the stipulated time is not dead in me yet.So,at the end on some fronts,I'm responsible enough to manage my duties carefully and with maturity while at some points,I'm complete failure in showing any signs of progress or killer instinct.
Time is passing like the wind,and God knows when the sign of wisdom will glow in my thoughts and action,thus,provoking,if not encouraging me to move fast.Cruise smooth and drive in the danger zone without haste.I pray the time come soons.Hope to catch you poeple sooner with more news of ur development and success.Till then,adios.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Tide of Time!

There is nothing new to comment upon...there is nothing new to write...things are falling in their places as usual and as thought about...The Thaparians in final year are reaping their harvest,some slowly,while others a bit quickly...and all the big names are passing through the notice boards these days as if it's a part of some movie clips...'Sagar Ratna' is no doubt beating 'CCD' in it's head count anytime and the number of societies and committies forming and merging are incrementing every now and then...every thing is supposedly back to normal as expected from any odd semester in TIET....minus the sense of attachment among the final year students of the college...So,all's well that ends well...Everyone gets a job...or I could say almost everyone....and then they realize that the amount everyone paid in the college as fees and fines and bills in the past 3 years are filing returns....Not a single soul,not even me who spends maximum time in the college,without going home feels anything about the place....Which culture did TIET breed in all of us,I can't comment upon that but one thing is for sure,there isn't much gonna happen among friends and foes of Thaparians of Final year once they are out of this place...the reason being that only formation of societies and committies or entertaining so many people out of different years doesn't always keep u in the mind of everyone else...It is rather the sense of responsibility towards each other and the belief in one another and not the expectation from each other that makes one's place in each other's time...I have learned this when I have lost so many things....Perhaps everything which was required and which I should have kept with me in order to have a good life placement and no scopes of finding one any chances of fairing well in exams again this time....and still the optimistic feeling of 'you have nothing to lose but ur chains' breeding and loathing in my mind everytime I think about the exams waiting so eagerly in the coming week....
My request here to all those who read this,especially one's who are in some institute right now....never indulge into false dreams...plan your future right ahead...think ahead of times and analyze the requiremnts which u r going to have after 2 to 3 years....and then start treading on that path of your win or lose after some years but you will never have to console yourself on any matter or overcome regrets through false pretentions....God Bless You All!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ad-Mad World!

The recent exploration into the happenings of the idiot box filled me with the sense of nostalgia.I was expecting to find some hit songs like "Lifebuoy hai jahaan,tandarusti hai wahaan".But....
The genre of commercial advertisements in Indian communication channels can be divided into 3 broad groups(Strictly according to me as no doubt,u can categorize it into as many groups as possible).
It all started with the ads,whose basic ideas was promotion of the product.In the 80's,the common were "Jo biwi se kare pyaar,woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar","Hamdard ka tonic Cinkara" and the songs of Bajaj bulb,if you don't remember,it started something like "jab main bilkul chhota tha,badi sharaarat karta tha,meri chori pakdi jaati......." and then the famous song,"doodh si safedi,nirma se aayi,rangeen kapda bhi khil-khil jaye...sabki pasand nirmaaaa..washing powder nirma..."
During this entire phase of advertisement,the songs were made catchy and the product was the hero of the ad.
however,then came the period of punch lines...the second genre,which had major promos like,"Neighbour's Envy,Owner's Pride","Choc-latee khao,khud jaan jao","Mummy bhook lagi hai....bas do minute"..
Due to increment of ad rates,the songs were dwarfed to single liners and then almost all the products carried one-liners,with which they were associated,in order to differentiate between Phillips and BPL,Maggie and Top Ramen.The time and effect of advertisements were so strong in influencing public that 'Vimlaji's' "Bhai Sa'b!" established the regime of "Surf" completely and instead of asking for washing powders from the shopkeepers and then selecting between them,people used to demand,simply 'Surf'.
But then there was something missing.It was filled by Amitabh Bachhan.the third genre according to me started with product wars with stars in doubt,in all previous ads too there were stars but they were not the Big and Famous one's.we had Asrani in Laxman Sylvenia,Satish Shah in Hawkins,and Deepika post 'Ramayana' in Nirma Super.But it was none in comparison with the Bachhan and Aamir and Sachin and then Shahrukh and the list has continued.No doubt,many ads have been made which copies the dialogues from hit movies.
However,the current trend seems to be reaching towards a collapse of ideas.The ad of Samsung television,has evolved itself.They use different products as their base to mobilise their own products.Similarly,the cola wars have been drawn close by Dew and Thums-Up.
I remember watching Dream-Merchants on Zee TV long time back when they showed some european ads in which after the 3 minute ad was over,it was shown that the ad was of electrical appliances.
These days however,they make their ads short,precise and on the product.
ours is the reverse case and the only possibility that I find as the future of Indian advertisements is reaching the identity crisis of the products.
what suggestions would u like to provide on this matter of emerging ads??

Friday, April 15, 2005

Secular Curriculum.

Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology,which is supposed to be the heart and soul of the educational system in Punjab alongwith PEC,Chandigarh finds itself sometimes drawn apart on the matters of secularism and it's curriculum.The recent incident which happened today is a repetition of an old example.
It's 1700 hrs in the evening and time for most of the student to leave for home after a week long extention of their exams.Suddenly comes a notice which mentions that Monday has been declared a Holiday on the occasion of 'Ramnavami'.The sattire associated with this incident is simple.The college knew the date of Ramnavami,since the year beginning,although I don't know which calender they follow,but they prefer one with least holidays,and they don't consult priests before declaring or denouncing a holiday.But more importantly,for the college administration,is to calculations hundreds of linear,simultaneous and quadratic equations to find out out how much loss in syllabus,academics and money are they going to suffer when they call off for holiday all of a sudden,going against their prescribed schedule..and the secrecy of the matter is always always given highest priority for even the Assistant Registrar and the Dean of Academic Affairs pretended that they didn't know about the issue today at 1600 hrs.
No doubt,it's Ramnavami,so they might have fallen into pressure from the 'Hindu' Blocs,coz had this been Eid(as it's coming this 22),they would not have given a second thought in denouncing the day to be a non-holiday,be it the biggest festival of Muslims(we don't have holiday on 22 yet for Eid).
The question comes out here is that the number of Government declared holidays in India for maintaining it to be a secular State is highest in the world.God knows if each and every person of each religion are committed to their respective festivals to this extent or not that they require a day off from work for the worship.However,on the other hand,the Private Organisations and Institutes try to keep them aloof from all such indulgence in heavenly affairs.I would rather like to ask from you,what is the criteria for every Indian to show their association with Secular thought?Should the things be judged in Economical way,like the Private Groups or should they rejoice with all the people of different religion,taking part in each and every festivals of everyone?
I would suggest that social bondage is important.Depriving Indians from their freedom of religion is not going to help in long run.I have found and I firmly belive that religion is something on which almost many people fall back at the end.For quick reference,visit "ISKCON" temple in 'East of Kailash' in New Delhi and meet the devotees.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players".When the time of the most common expression for human philosophy comes in one's mind,erupts this message out of sudden and nowhere.However,the ease,with which this statements devise all our actions a mere play,may offend many people who feel they are serious enough for everything in life..take for example,'Romance'..In terms of Oscar Wilde,"Romance is the privilege of rich,not the profession of unemployed".And a lot many times has it happened,that all those who feel they are in love and they are romancing these days should oppose it.For them,love has nothing to do with money.
However,it's money which has everything to do with romance,if not love.From purchasing leisure for romance to paying for accomodation for romance.From feeding the lovers to nurturing them throughout the time and beyond.And yet,why no one comes up with this truth that yes,"Romance needs more of heart and less of money." But then my dear friends,the crux of this is just a part of the complete story.How many of us really do indulge in romance with the sense of attaining freedom of thought and mind?Everyone loves freedom and wants to enjoy it.But on the price of their inmates.So,things like Love-marriage is truly baseless as it no-doubt curbs the freedom of romancing as many poeple u like.
In breif,we romance with those whom we like.Now the sense of freedom should encourage us to go for romancing with all those whom we like,beyond the boundaries of age bars,caste bars and sex bars!And certainly then,there should be a number of them..(I gues romancing with three different people a day can engage one's knowledge of all the people whom he or she knows and love to romance with)... The most important question arises,is that of affording so many romantic stories!!nothing comes free,nor does romance!Therefore,the concept of romance,which says its enjoying ur freedom fails here because u r following some constraints of number to fulfill the conditions for the freedom of romance.
This is still affordable with some,maybe but that means the poor should never think about it.Well then,the most contradictory question comes out of this romance thing is the concept of marriage post-romance.Does it require to get married with someone with whom u r romancing with?If yes,then how many people will u marry.
This all may sound kind of self-generated story of absurdity but my dear friends,I would recommend u to ask ur romancing partners,what do they think about you when they think over post-romance session?Do they allow you to go for more than one romance experiences than one with you?if not,then why not?Aren't you both are free to enjoy your freedom of thought and taste and expression.You seek happiness and you find it with someone and then you go along with him/her.What in case u find someone more people 'at par' with your thoughts?Whats wrong in romancing them??
Come out of this fundamental of commitment towards one person..You are free for everything.Don't bind yourself to the clutches of your romantic partner.
I know this blog,when read by many will invite unprecedented and hating remarks but who cares.You will understand if I'll bring you some of the success stories about such ideas of romantic freedom minus the commitment.So,whatever you think before commenting here,Just think once.